Tips for creating an effective Landing Page

How to make a landing page attractive to users? A few tips to help improve the Landing Page.

✓ The headline is the salt.

In this case, the headline means not only the text headline, which should:
- clearly communicate to the visitor that he or she has come to the right place;
- convey the main benefits of working with you;
- distinguish you from your competitors;
... but also the visual component. Because in many ways, it is from the appearance of the cap of the banding and the top of his promotional part will depend on whether the visitor will stay with you.

✓ Explanatory subheading.

One headline is difficult enough to convey all that is described above. Therefore, you should place an explanatory subheading (and sometimes a couple of paragraphs of text as well) underneath it.
An example of such a bundle:
How to lose 15 kilos in 30 days?
Without exhausting exercise!
And then the explanation about your miracle pill that will send the client into a matrix, where only skinny people live.

✓ One goal of the slimming page.

The key point is that your landing page should convey just one idea to potential customers. It should have a specific purpose. You can't overwhelm visitors with multiple appeals and offers.

✓ Highlight the benefits.

Visitors to the landing page are already interested in your product or service, so your task is to convince them to order from you, not to order at all.
Communicate with them in the language of benefits. Explain what people will get by choosing you. And be sure to highlight the benefits visually. This can be the content of rates, bullet points.

✓ Site visitors are as offensive as Roman legionnaires.

When Caesar stepped in front of his rebellious legions, he suddenly addressed them with a speech where he called them "fellow citizens." This came as a shock and a great disappointment to the veterans. It was the first time their beloved commander had addressed them without the proper "comrades.

The same pattern works in sales texts. Every website visitor expects you to communicate with them personally, not with a group of people. So use "you" everywhere in the text, referring to a specific reader, not all customers in general.

✓ Use bullets as often as possible.

Wherever possible. They are much easier for readers to understand. People are used to the fact that the benefits of cooperation with the company are presented in the form of a list. So they always pay attention to it. Just the case when there is no point in departing from common practice.
If you understand that somewhere in the text can be replaced by bullets, then do so. Remember, though, that bullets can go with a brief explanation, or even icons.

✓ Find a balance between visuals and text.

Sometimes it's better to see once than hear a hundred times. In the case of a branding, it's important to both see and hear. In this case, the task of the designer and copywriter is just to understand the thought process of the marketer and strike a balance.
The visual component should not be created to the detriment of the text. But the text of the band should not overload the visitors. This is not just a normal sales page, but a landing page.

✓ Proof of life.

Testimonials from public people, ordinary customers or just an expert's opinion about your product.
This is a very important point. People want to know that someone has already trusted you and benefited from it. That's why reviews are very important. And presenting them on the landing page is worth paying the utmost attention to.

✓ Call to Action.

The call to action is one of the most important elements of a landing page. After all, the page itself was created to get leads. The call-to-action is mandatory at the top of the promo and at the very end of the page. Sometimes an intermediate one in the middle is also required.
Phone or button?
It's all individual here. It depends on the industry. It's better to test both options.

✓ Application form without extra fields.

This is very important - visitors don't like big forms, so leave in it only what you really need to start working with this person.