Online store

If you are looking to create your own ecommerce website or online shopping site, then Colorweb IT studio is the perfect choice for you. As an expert in online shopping website creation, Colorweb IT studio can help you to create an attractive and functional online store that will attract customers and increase sales. With their expertise in online shopping app development, they can also help you to create a mobile app for your store, making it easy for customers to shop on the go. Whether you are looking to create an ecommerce website from scratch or simply need some help improving your existing site, Colorweb IT studio can provide the expertise you need to succeed in the world of online retail.

Life cycle of development

01 Project Concept

Study business goals, identify competitors and references, design UX design, write technical documentation, calculate project cost and timeline, prioritize and sprint for development.

02 UI design

Development of variants of the main page, defining the style, development of internal pages and UI kit. Creating tablet and smartphone versions. Development of layouts for 3+ resolutions.

04 Testing

Conducted QA and QC testing of functionality, the correctness of the administrative panel, compliance with the web design project.

03 Front & Back end

Dynamic, cross-browser layout with micro-animations. Development of the administrative part and writing functionality according to the requirements.

05 Deployment

Data is transferred to a hosting or server, connects the domain, the site is added to search engines, put the analytics.

You will get

5+ people in a team

Agile development

Modern technologies

High quality

Fast web solutions

Payment in installments