How to create an online store?

Today the popularity of online retail outlets is growing. Opening one's own online store is a rather difficult but promising task. E-commerce is rapidly conquering the domestic market, and increased demand is present in the sale of clothing and footwear. In 2020, a lot of money was earned in this industry, with the next year's revenue growing by 9 percent.
The main advantage of online trading platforms, according to customers , is the lower cost of goods, as well as a large selection and high quality products. Now commercial web projects are an effective sales channel to promote new or existing businesses. Those companies that continue to work exclusively offline are losing not only potential customers but also possible profits.
On the example of business solutions created in "Colorweb", we will try to understand how to open an online clothing store and achieve its success and high competitiveness. We will not touch upon topics such as finding a supplier, drawing up documents or concluding a contract with transport and courier services. It is only about how to create your own online store from scratch.
Most of our customers successfully use sites of this type as an additional source of sales.

What should the design and functionality be?

Dieter Rams, a well-known industrial designer from Germany, believes that if you want a really spectacular design, you should not try too hard. Since most of the customers - the fair sex, they require a huge amount of all kinds of decorations, colors and other interesting elements when creating a design. But do not forget that the network, first and foremost, should sell a good product. The attention of the buyer will be riveted to the products sold, and the site design should only complement the products presented in the catalog and emphasize its style.
In addition to the obvious options for filtering, such as type of clothing, price, color palette, etc., you should add sorting by size. If you plan to sell children's items, you need to make an additional feature - search by age. Despite the fact that the presence of this feature is obvious, on many sites it is not implemented. With the help of sorting the client will be able to literally find the right products in seconds and make a faster purchase.

Do I need a page with sizes?

If you plan to sell goods from several manufacturers, each supplier has its own size chart. The average buyer can easily get confused by the designations and decide that his size is out of stock, or buy the wrong item in the wrong size. Such purchases can have various consequences, among them:
leaving the site,
Return of the order,
negative feedback.
To avoid such situations, the owner of the future project should place for each product the size table of its manufacturer, which will be present all the designations and deciphering.

How many photos are needed?

To be successful, you need to provide the customer with more high-quality photos. So it will be easier for him to make a choice in favor of one of the products offered. If a person can't see the product in person, he should be able at least to look at it from all sides.
It is better to make large pictures with the ability to view them closer. Also, take care to have a gallery so that the potential buyer can view the catalog in good quality.
Since macbooks and modern smartphones come with screens that support higher pixel densities, photos must be of even higher quality for them. Blurry pictures will scare away customers. The best option would be the ability of the resource to determine the type of screen and display the right photo.
Also, the possibility of receiving an order at a convenient time for the customer plays an important role. To ensure good service, you should carefully compare the terms of delivery of domestic courier and postal services.

How to store online - tricks to increase the number of orders

Experts recommend using a variety of products and accessories to increase the average check. Agree that competently similar bags, jewelry or hats create quite interesting outfits, so in addition to clothes, you will be able to sell accessories. This approach will make it easier for the customer to choose and save at least a little bit of his time.
Make the online clothing store successful will help sales and discounts. This method is considered a time-tested not only offline, but also in
online stores. If you take into account that the main audience of virtual outlets - women, then be sure that the sales will give the desired results. With the help of a promotion, you can quickly get rid of residual products at the end of the season.

How to retain customers?

Clothing belongs to the category of goods for which the demand is constantly at a high level. It is for this reason it is very important to build a long-term relationship with your customers. This approach will not only increase the size of the average check, but will also bring new customers on the recommendations of current customers.
It is possible to retain customers in the following functional ways on the site:
introduction of a cumulative discount system,
the ability to pay for part of your purchases with bonuses,
subscription to sales,
Is it possible to create your own online clothing store with the possibility of trying on?
If you decide to launch a project on the basis of an existing offline business, then with the implementation of this point of difficulty should not arise. Many potential customers refuse to make purchases due to the lack of fitting. In the description of the products add a point that if the thing turns out to be small or big, they will be able to return it to you. Thus, the number of hesitant customers will decrease.

Social Marketing

Social media is a great tool for any business. You can use them to promote your business. Create an account in the most popular networks, put a link to your site in them, and start posting pictures and descriptions.
We hope that our tips will help you when ordering an online store and at the very beginning of this activity.