Frontend и Backend

Frontend and backend: hierarchy of application development, points of contact, similarities and differences of web "pillars", degrees of their responsibility.

Long gone are the days when the field of web was quite simple and primitive, having in its arsenal of sites, which are characterized only by a set of static pages with tabular markup. Web-development has passed quite a rapid and bright way of development. There were new languages, techniques and technological innovations. Today it is one of the highest paid IT-directions. The complex structure of applications requires the separation of their creation and development processes by hierarchy. Let's briefly analyze the essence of each of these directions.


The user enters the address in a search line, proceeds by the link of an external resource or from the search system. He sees a lot of ads, registrations, presented inconvenient navigation structure, the content is difficult to read.

The page is characterized by long loading or is not adapted for mobile devices, and so on inconveniences. What action would a user do in this case? That's right, leaves the site. The main task of the frontend-developer is to do everything to prevent this from happening. In his responsibilities include the creation of user interface, which in turn implies a certain hierarchy. This is a design layout, layout, adaptation. A significant part of development is UI/UX design. This is what most influences the creation of the user's first impression of the site.

It is impossible not to mention JavaScript. This web programming language is designed to implement functional features such as animations of interface elements, but in the hands of a professional, it is transformed into a powerful tool. This language has many libraries, add-ons, extensions, which increases the functionality of the language.


The backend is the server-side logic of web applications. This is where the implementation of the work with the data warehouse, so the specialist in this direction must have experience working with databases, experience in using mechanisms ORM. It is from a specialist in this direction depends on the performance of the server code, its level of scalability, security, rationality.

The responsibilities of the backender also include building and prototyping of the client part of the application. Thus, it is necessary to understand the principles of the various protocols, the principles of interaction between the browser and the web application. The backend as well as the frontend is characterized by a wide range of development tools.